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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interviewed and hired

Now it's up to me to try out the classes and decide if I'm willing to sign one year of my life for it.

=) Thank God for such a smooth sailing interview and also for the favour to be upon me since there's another girl waiting to be interviewed after me.

Both interviews I went, I was hired but the first one wasn't what I expected it to be. And never judge a book by its cover cause the second one seems easy (from the website) but when I went for the interview, it was more tricky.

May this be a stepping stone for me to know the business better. The teaching business. Another chapter of my life slowly opening up.

God does provide. =)


Mad Maureen said...

Oh.. Does that mean that you are only gonna continue Master during the next year and not this September?

Mrs Chong said...

no..actually when i start masters, he say i can go in like 3 hours a day for the classes...u know how is it like a? I mean how many classes we have to attend, how heavy are the coursework etc..

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