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Monday, May 23, 2011

To the 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old Ping Ping,

Just thought you might want to know what will happen to you in the next 7 years. You will be having the time of your life for the next two years. However, you will have to know that SPM is not like any other exams. You must study for it. Even if just a little bit. I know this may sound a little stupid but if you don't study, you will be stressed out during the exam (which may sound ridiculous for you now but trust me) and you will suffer from anxiety attack. So do prepare okay? Don't just study your Bio seminar book.

In this year, you will accidentally call a friend of yours while sleeping and that will cost you a lot because that stupid friend did not hang up. You will end up with him and it's a bad idea. But if you were to experience it, do not put too much heart in it. Otherwise, do make sure that you do not put your phone beside you when you sleep. Do not spend so much time talking to people you do not know. You will not end up being a spinster so ignore these people okay?

You will get 6A but it's good enough for you. Study Form 6 and I stress on that. MUST CHANGE TO ARTS STREAM OKAY? Then APPLY FOR USM. I have to stress all these because you will get to know the Lord more after you enter USM and then you will get to know the love of your life too. Let God take charge of your life, He always do.

Anyway, You will gain A LOT OF WEIGHT so make sure you eat less. You will eventually lose them when you enter uni but lose some weight when you can. Appreciate your friends (Emmoes) and Bentengz whom you'll meet when you are in Form 6 because they will eventually be your bestest friends and still be your bestest friends after uni. You will enter USM to do a course not many people know and do not believe the lecturers when they tell you it's the coolest course ever cause really, it's not as cool as they said it was.

Join PKA and there you'll get to know your future boyfriend, God and many other awesome people. APPRECIATE the seniors because they will be very important people in your life. Check out the guy name Daniel Chong and try to get to know him better. He may be a bully and funny guy but he will be your boyfriend and you will learn to see his soft sides and his wonderful character.

Uni life will be the place you grow spiritually so let God take charge okay? After your degree, you'll be stuck in a phase where I am now, no job, no money and no aim but have faith that God will take charge and God will provide. You will be okay. Have faith, hold strong to God and know that He knows best. Oh and your sister, Pao Pao will marry Mr Lim so try not to provoke him too much. And Ah Ma will move in to stay with you and you will learn to love-hate her many patterns.

the 23 year old me


3w3yaN said...

wow..7 years of sweet plus bitter memories..and 7 years later, dunno what will happen to everyone and everything..ahaha

reddaisie said...

Hahaha yes she will marry Mr Lim. This is nice.. But if I were to write it's gonna be a 10 yrs long of memories..

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: sure is a colourful part of my life... :) I don't know what will happen to everyone in 7 years but I know it'll be yet another 7 colourful years.

Pao: Just write la...hehehe..kinda cool...

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