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Friday, June 10, 2011

Why am I so quiet lately?

Not in a real sense but in a blog world sense. I've been working for two weeks now and it feels surreal. I may be lazy to go to work sometimes (still a brat at heart) but I always wake up on time to cook lunch and dinner before I go to work.

I am learning from this job and I kind of enjoy it. It is hard to handle kids but I gain my confidence from them. I love being called Teacher in a weird way. I am glad I took this path instead of jumping straight into the adults path because I believe I learn so much more now than before.

Kids nowadays learn words that are so hard, they got their teacher looking for dictionary. Either that, or my English is very weak. But I am learning, I am learning each day, from these kids and also to further help myself. I am happy with my job and I hope I will be every single day until I resign.

That's why I've been quiet. Because I've been busy. Haven't been taking pictures lately and I so need to get my contact lenses. Wait till I get my salary. Cause I need to dress up so badly!!!

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jungle cat said...

I love teaching , as i earn lot of money from it , in morning i give leacture in a college , and afternoon i teach students privately in my college.

I love my profession , i think u will get settled in some time , if u need some tips regarding how to teach and earn a lot please share with me ur situation.

best wishes

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