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Monday, January 24, 2011

The super gory movie that I'll never watch

Last last Monday we were asked or even forced to watch this bloody (no pun intended) short clip which was taken out of some movie. I've decided not to taint my blog with the bloody clip.

So basically we were supposed to watch (yes, even if you spent most of your time watching your own finger) and then write what we saw. I don't think I can write fingers only though I have the urge to do just so.

What I saw was
That little boy was walking on the long unending road aimlessly, his steps were slow and unstable. He was probably tired from all the walking and even feel drowsy. He looked like he was going to faint, probably felt dizzy from the heat of the hot sun. He looked blur, weak and he was perspiring a lot. He was probably afraid and felt lost.

Then I saw blood dripping onto his white shoes. His steps quicken.

Then a car came behind him.
A man chased after him. The man was terrified, panicked and was worried upon what he saw. He tried to hug the boy and give him the support he needs. Trying to help him walk. Then the boy fainted and the man was worried. He felt lost and started screaming and shouting for help as he could not do anything. No one else was around.

The next clip was in a restaurant or ballroom where a ceremony was to be held.
There was chattering and giggles everywhere. People were dressed nicely and they looked rich. People are talking loudly and laughing as they like. There are people who whispers and some who felt out of place and lost were nervous, playing with their hands and fingers. They are probably bored too since no one seems to be talking to them and they can't seem to join the conversation.

There are people giving toast and a man was burping and laughed at his own bad table manners. Then they showed jewelleries on the women to perhaps portray their status. A man was talking to the manager and then they took picture as though it's a reunion. Shortly, a speech was been given on the stage and those who has been chattering non-stop finally settled down quietly to listen. They were attentive and applause was given at the right time.

That's about all that I noticed.

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