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Thursday, January 20, 2011

You keep learning each day

I learnt that not everyone is going to be nice to you, swallow it and move on.

I learnt that though some people may be nice to you in front of you, they might be talking behind you. Swallow it, move on.

I learnt that everyone has their own secret weapon and never underestimate other people.

I learnt that there are bound to be many advices (if you are lucky). Choose wisely and do not follow blindly.

I learnt that people will use all their effort to make you think like they do. But what matters is, what does He think? It is okay to say no to people and move the other direction if He told you to.

I learnt that life is an on-going learning process and you don't stop learning.

It's okay to not know now. But learn so you know it tomorrow.

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