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Friday, September 03, 2010

Holiday starts

And it rains this morning. On the first day of my holiday. How lovely is that?

However, there's a few note to self that I must remember.

Do not be lazy.
Do not eat so much.
Do not sleep so much.
Do not sit in front of laptop whole day.
Get a healthy life since I move less at home.

Pray hard that I don't gain back the weight I painstakely lost the past few weeks. Ok la, not exactly painstakely la since I come back every week and got amazed that I lost some weight. But still, it's so much easier to put back on all the weight that losing it.

Note to self, when I start working, I MUST JOIN GYM.

First week will be spent finishing up my work so that the second week of holiday I can spend it hanging out with friends. *tap fingers on the table* Waiting for someone to come back. =) You know who you are so get your butt back soon or we'll go out without you! No la, tak sampai hati. Heh, we think of you 24/7 okay? Excited with plans so win, come back quick.

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The Manni-Queen said...

and pls get our posts up!!!
thank you very much

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