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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guess who is going to Hat Yai?

*wave* Yep, it's me.

Happy gila, cannot sleep, keep smiling, clap hands under the table, brain unconciously planning what to buy and what to do and what to eat, fingers dancing on the keyboard and heart fluttering like butterflies.

That's how happy I am. I probably bugged like lots of people that I want to go and how everyone get to go but me. Everytime I found out someone is going to Hat Yai, I'll go on a texting frenzy and whined to everyone close to me how unfair it is that I was so looking forward to going but everyone is going but me.

So I bet my friends are like so relieved now. =) Excited, can't sleep, can't stop smiling, clapping hands under the table, hearts feels warm and fuzzy. People would have thought I met my prince charming but no, all for the love of Hat Yai, cheap shopping, good food and night market.

fuzzy muzzy lalala... Hot babes travel agency back in action. =)

Me at Clinic Cafe

By the way, I drove home on Saturday. =) ALONE. *big grin* /proud

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