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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The day I became a beautician

WAKAKKAKA. A beautician without beauty or licence. =P But I was given a some sort of long explanation by a beautician and since I am going to share my knowledge with you all, I shall call myself a beautician as well. For the next 5 minutes. =P

I am going to talk about the two products I heard of recently. I have another batch of facial products that I heard of the other day but I will blog about this first!!

D'sance is a new product brand that I've tried the other day. I've been getting comments that my face look a bit 'chan'. Perhaps cause my face tarak itu glow. Like very dull like that. So when I was introduced to this Radiance Créme, I decided to give it a try. My eldest sister and my aunt each bought one too cause this Radiance Créme can help to remove 'or pan' or freckles too.

D'sance's Radiance Créme 10ml (RM148)

- Aloe vera, jojoba and grapeseed helps in cell renewal.

- Give your face glow so that your face is not dull. Some people have great features but somehow, their face are a little dull.

- Grapeseed, pineapple extract, lemon extract dsbnya makes it suitable to even sensitive skin.

- Is good to reduce "or pan" (hokkien) or freckles.
- A bottle can last you 3 to 4 months since you only dab a little. It cost only RM148. So kira-kira less than RM40 a month.

D'sance's Rose Water 60ml (RM48)
- It has healing purpose for those with scar but the Radiance Créme can do a better job in that.
- Helps to create glow on our face. Many of us have dull face and we need to make up to look less tired. This product is good to create glow which is something I really need now. Boo
- Works as hydration water as well. Best for those who always get to be in air-cond room (chieh)
- For better effect, use it with Radiance Créme.

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Anonymous said...

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Josephine said...

it suits oily skin?

reddaisie said... suits both dry and oily..
it will even out ur skin tone and make it radiant