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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Last year, today.

Exactly a year ago, our beloved uncle left us as he lost the battle with lung problems. He gave his all and was defeated because God love him more and want him to go back to be with them, the angels. He was and still is my favourite uncle because he is the one who never failed to tell me that I am a great person, every single time I meet him. I guess that gave me false information for 18 years until he left. =P He is a wonderful father, a wonderful uncle, a wonderful son and and terrific brother. At times, I feel as though he is still here, just resting at home. Every time my family brought him up, I felt as though I was given a tight slap and is brought back to reality. The reality that he is no longer physically here and will never be. I guess I never stop hoping as he is in my mind. At times I am very very worried that one day, I will forget him. That I will forget how he looked like and how he laughed and how he smiled and how he sounded like. I am afraid that he will slowly be brought out of my head. My uncle used to be a strong man. When he fell ill, it was the first time I seen him so skinny,weak and vulnerable. My heart shatters every time I think about it.

As I will definitely cry every single time I read this, I shall write some happy things that he reminds me of. At least we should be happy that he is no longer suffering. It hurts when I heard my mum said he actually begged the Chinese doctor to save him. It was too early for him to go.

My uncle, Uncle Sunny. He reminds me of
~ Peanuts, as he loved them. Even with his gout problem.
~ Fruits. He always buy me fruits when I go to office.
~ Tuition. -.- So swt right? But he reminds me of Tanjung Tuition cause he used to send me there. Especially Mr. Felix's class. He used to send me there every week.
~ Roobos tea or whatever name you guys call it. He use to drink them every single day.
~ Grandma's cooking. He loved them. Despite not having appetite for food, he finished what grandma cooked. He loved 'mee sua tau'. He always had fun time eating when its Cheng Beng time cause he loved the curry chicken, the jiu hu char, the soup. Everything.
~ Handphone Nokia 3310. He had one 3310 phone. He used to ask me whenever his phone has problems and will say that I am clever cause I can fix it every time.
~ Elvis Presley. They played the songs for him for his funeral.
~ Ku Lou Yuk. He loved them. I love them too. =P
~ Chee Cheong Chok. I used to ask mummy how come he can eat them every single day without feeling sick of it.
~ His eat medicine's habit. He just wallop the whole cup of medicine without eating one by one. Until one fell down and nurse thought he dislike medicines.
~ Pizza, he used to belanja me Pizza when he strike lottery
~ Money. He strike lottery, I happy, cause get money. It rhymes! =P And when I don't want to accept, he will say, you take already, I win some more leh.
~ His praises. I am clever for getting C because I don't study at all. A? Extreme smart la. I am clever cause I can fix his phone. I am clever cause I good at talking and making people happy.
~ The lil girl from the coffee shop below office. He used to play with her a lot.
~ His car. The one he bought from my aunt. He took very great care of them. When he died, his wife gave the car to her siblings I think. I am not so sure.
~ His side-burn. Ala Elvis Presley la tu. =P
~ His nice voice. He can sing.
~ His teasing. He enjoys teasing me. He often say I look like his daughter.

When he is gone, there's no one praising me that I am great as I am already. If I do not score well, there's no one there to tell me that I am smart cause I get not bad result despite not studying. When he is gone, I lost someone who will acknowledge me and make me feel better. He is a great lost to me and I hope he will remain in my heart, my mind cause he is a wonderful person and I am glad God treated me so well that he granted me someone as magical as my uncle, Uncle Sunny.


shar-sharz said...

heya pingping! i hope you are alright.don't be too sad over it yup girl.think on the bright side, if your uncle is still here,won't he be still suffering as well,he will feel the torture strong girl!take care..*huggss*

Anonymous said...

he will always remain as a great man =)