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Tuesday, September 18, 2007



5 barang dalam bag:-
Which bag you talking about? I better not talk about my school bag. I got lots of stuff in my school bag. Just a random bag ok?
- purse
- lip gloss
- mirror
- comb
- tissues

5 barang dalam bag duit :-
- money
- my picture with the bentengs
- Popular student card
- IC, driving licence etc
- talisman

5 barang yang saya paling suka di dalam bilik:-
- Bubu, Bubu Jr, Bibi, Monster, Squappy, Rynn, Arron, Pat, Lex and Brax, and all the rest. =P
- My cds
- My pillow and bolster
- Daniel's poster
- My mum. Lol, I share room with her.

5 perkara yang saya ingin cuba/buat:-
- Singing K
- Study *cuba =P*
- Straightened my hair
- Get over STPM asap
- Go KL.

5 perkara yang saya sedang buat sekarang:-
- Answering this tag
- Chatting with Shan
- Playing with my facebook
- Doing my PA presentation
- Downloading songs for mum.

5 orang saya tag
- Pao Pao
- Wei Wei
- Shan Shan
*don't want to continue anymore. I want to have all double double one. =P*

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