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Friday, September 14, 2007

A little too early

'Boh kong boh lang chai,
Kong tiok chin pai seh,
Chiak ka sia neh tua han,
Ko erm bat che puey ki. '
Extracted from Ji Ba Ban Song by Huang Yi Fei
If I don't tell, people won't know. But it is embarrassing to say this. I've never been on an aeroplane before.
So yea, I am going to NZ end of this year. Whether I can or cannot, I have to. Cause we booked that tickets. =P Anyway, my second sis, the smart, pretty, cute, but short one is graduating. *cross fingers* It has been 4 years since she left Penang to go different places to study. Shah Alam and then NZ. It think its the 5th year already. So short and petite some more dare to go so far. Tiny rat. Squeeze her!!!!
I have never been on a plane or seen it closely. Mama-mia, I am so afraid to actually go there. But hey, I am going to be so so so rich one day, I will be travelling around the world. I need to go once to make sure I can cope with such life right? =P I was having my MUET trial exam and after I finished, I couldn't sleep although I felt drowsy earlier. Stupid paper woke me up I guess. So I wrote a list of what to get and what I want to do in NZ. Just to keep myself reminded and to hint the richer and generous people around me a.k.a my family, I am posting the list up.
Things to get.
1. Jacket
2. Nivea lip balm/ Body Shop lip butter *saja want to put the brand.*
3. Skirt *Pao say got dinner.*
4. Sport Shoe *something reliable for very long walks.*
5. Back pack. *My school bag is torn also. So boh pian, must buy a good one.*
6. Camera Sony Cybershot T100/T200. *My dream*
7. T-Shirts
8. Cargo pants
Things I want to do in NZ
1. Take picture with sheep
2. Take picture on the green green fields
3. Eat NZ ice-cream
4. Buy and eat lots of cherries
5. Go to their market
6. I am out of ideas. =)
Too early to think about this? Haha. I must get everything by end of Oct. Exams in Nov. Need to spare some time out to settle this and then I can sit for my exams peacefully in Nov. Will update the list. =)


weiwei said...

buy me cheese and milk!!! ahahaha..

Mrs Chong said...

hahah...all the way to NZ to buy u cheese and milk? Why not I get u a whole cow. =P

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