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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Not very smart

I just emailed my lecturer to tell her if I can do my oral in the morning because I don't plan to go to class in the evening.

Not very smart eh?

To what she replied, "Sorry, but I have something else in the morning. It is better if you do it during class time."

So now not only I have to attend a class on my birthday, my lecturer knows I have the intention to skip class and I don't think she'll be very happy or very nice to me.

T_T My first mistake was falling sick on the day I'm supposed to do my oral.

2nd mistake, I emailed her to inform her, hoping that she will go all furious and say you don't have to do oral anymore. Mana tau she nicely tell me, "It's okay, you can do it on Thursday." /bangheadonthewall.

3rd, I emailed her again, throwing myself over the cliff by saying, "Can I do my oral on Thursday morning instead because it's my birthday and I actually did not want to go to class?" /bangheadonthewalldoublehard.

I iz the most kurang bijakz person on earth. Now I just throw stones at my boyfriend who had planned everything for me, bang my head twice on the wall and put salt in lecturer's eyes so she won't be liking me very much.


I am tempted to just disappear into thin air.

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