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Friday, April 15, 2011

Shaking leg

Many has happened after my last letter to my lecturer (which still makes me feel dumb).

I skipped the test and class. Had an AWESOMEEEE time with Daniel in Redbox, had an okay Farewell Night. Gonna miss the people in PKA!!!

Then the girls (Emmoes) got me a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Ping Ping is a very simple girl. She just need her birthday cake. =P But all is well now. I am resting for a few days before studying for exam.

Little Poupee my accessories blogshop is doing okay. I want to bring in more beautiful necklaces and rings!!!! Have to work harder in sourcing those. But overall, life has been great.

I need to get my blogging mojo back. Been lazy on that. Have a little project up in my head but still yet to do it. =) Need to stay focus!!!

And need to get a job. Cause I'm going to be jobless soon. I am currently a student. When I graduate, I'm no longer a student but a jobless young adult. teeheee...

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