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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choosing Profile Picture

Was browsing facebook for no reason because I've just finished my test (which was super hard like mad don't ask). So I went to this find friends thingie to see for fun. And I've come to a conclusion that,

You should not put scary picture of yourself on the profile picture. Especially if in small icon, your profile picture only shows your eyes. Super creepy I tell you.

I've seen enough EYES today.

2 more weeks to the end of the semester (excluding study week and exam week) I am finally finishing with my 3rd year. Can't wait. I mean I don't want to leave PKA and all but I can't wait to finish up everything, submit it and next time, listen to other people's advice. But I'm not gonna let this unimportant person changed my stand that there are nice people out there. I still believe in kindness.

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