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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saying goodbye

This is what I wore for Farewell Night 


With bii


What I wore for BATI night. With Naqiah

With Sarah


Ended my uni life with two dinner with people I hang out with most - my coursemates and PKA-ians. Both were okay. I kinda regretted not giving a speech during FN. Next time I graduate (in two years time) I will give. CONFIRM. I'll write one and read it if I must. Cause I'll be too scared. And I'll make sure what happened that day won't happen again.

I will be back, PKA-ians. (if you still want me to)

1 comment:

Mad Maureen said...

U look damn pretty...

Yeah, it's hard to say goodbye, but then at least during a farewell party like this, we get to say goodbye to each other.. The very chance to say goodbye is better than taking off without a word.. ;)

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