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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Google frenzy

I was talking to my awesomest friend, Rou En on MSN about Paul the Octupus. I was telling her that they are so mean. Dahlah they themselves want to use him to predict the result, now that he got it right, they want to make him paella. And he has a name okay? How can they eat him?

Then I urged her to go google him up as I find him rather scary. *yawn* says:

u go google and see
a bit scary to me

rouen says:
so many things about him
aiyo, famous than us *yawn* says:
go google ur name
see got or not
u more famous
u got uni, got hospital all
hehhee...i tak famous langsung

rouen says:
hahahha, i try that last time
ya, i'm part of france n all
but that's not the real me *yawn* says:
budak femes
rouen says:
you also famous,
ping ping is the world's shortest man *yawn* says:

rouen says:
hahahaha, can't stop myself from laughing *yawn* says:
i need to blog this
2 minutes

Lesson #1: Don't simply google your name because you might get a shocking discovery - which might not be always pleasant.
Lesson #2: Do not name your son Ping Ping. It's a freaking GIRL'S NAME! I don't care if I've met a few guys named Ping Ping. They got girlish name. *stubborn*
Lesson #3: There's no lesson #3. I'm too sad to even talk now /dramamodeON. How can Ping Ping be the world's shortest man? Short is bad enough. WORLD'S SHORTEST OKAY?


The Manni-Queen said...

What's wrong with being short?
Short is cute

Anonymous said...


LesLeY said...

hahaha.. world shortest!! handsome one ka?? lol

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