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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final year

Insane!! I am a final year student!!! It's crazy.

Did a lot the previous holiday.
- Attended camp
- Worked for the first time
- Went for planning retreat
- Retracted application to Mexico
- Translated law text- real one
- Volunteered in Door of Hope
- Volunteered for Heritage TreaShaw Hunt
- Shopped - a lot
- Camwhored- a lot too
- Lost 3 kg and gained 2kg back T_T
- Came back to uni - wrestled with timetable, classes, commitments, fun time.

Looks like it's gonna be a great final year. I'm beginning to miss USM. Each time I walk pass DK Foyer, I'm walking pass as a 3rd year. It felt like it was just yesterday when I walked through this place, looking lost and now I'm in my 3rd year? I will definitely miss USM when I leave. Gonna enjoy each moment I have here now. =)

Don't get me started on my baby lizard story or you people are gonna call me drama queen and chicken again. It was drama alright?

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