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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


All these while, you've showed me that you can make me feel beautiful, even on days I felt like crap.

You complement me. I don't know if I can find another that's as perfect as you. I loved you and when you decided to end this, I decided that you have your rights to choose what you want. I let you go.

They said that if it's true love, you'll only let go when you've done everything you can to keep it. The moment I laid my eyes on you that day, I knew, I've done my best but my best is just not good enough. The look in your eyes, I knew, there's no way it will be the same again. It'll never be the same.

You've changed. You've made your choice. I let you go. Even though deep down inside, I wished there's a second chance.

I loved you and I will treasure all the time we spent together.


My sunnies

That keeps my eyes from glaring sunlight.
And my face from being too big.

The moment I look into your eyes lense, I know it'll never be the same.

You made me felt cool, complete, you made me felt me.
Now that you've left.

I got myself another one. =P
Update picture on weekends.


Swee Win said...

HAHAHAHA.. eh ur second pic abit obscene lor..c urhands put where ... :p

Mrs Chong said...

hehehe but that's to stop my bag from falling down since i only sling it on one shoulder...u think merepek 1...

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