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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lost the passion

It happens all the time.

I feel that recently, as in this year, I kind of lost the passion to write. I feel that I don't really enjoy reading what I write sometimes and I just lost the mojo to type.

I barely update trips and outings and I barely write about anything funny. All I write are emo stuff or complain about uni or random stuff. And now that I've come back from camp for like 4 days, I should at least write something but there's just so little motivation and almost no inspiration.

Will be working from Thursday to Sunday at QB. My first proper job. I used to work under my mum which isn't really a job after all and that's all. For once I'm going to work under other people. No more whining and complaining. Just pure discipline and seriousness.

I was very motivated after listening to their motivational talk just now. I was like a small kid, who just WOW-ed at their aims, their passion, their knowledge, their professionalism *they have their own language*. Seriously, I foresee lots of learning and growing up these four days and I'm so excited about it.

Can't wait. I'm like a caterpillar, finally crawing out from my cocoon to be a butterfly. Been under the coconut shell for way too long. Time to leap out lil froggie.

Will update soon. Lots to do, so little time and so lazy me.


Mad Maureen said...

Are you going to be a promoter? OH btw, good luck on your first day of job yea.. Hope you get the title "Employee of the month." ;)

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