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Friday, June 11, 2010

Camp Cam

I've been lazy and unmotivated to blog for the longest time ever. Look at my archive and you'll see. 9 post in April, 1 in May and 1 in June so far. I used to post several post a day or every other day but now, I'm so lazy to even open my own blog. It has been a very fruitful month I would say.

Camp Cam was awesome but I still do not have time to talk about it. I would love to talk about work but I've decided not to because it's not a good take and I don't want to whine no more.

(Let me rant a lil. Work politic is complicated. Talk less, care less and work more. Do your part and don't expect too much.)

I'm missing my Chalet 8 family. Yesterday, when I was listening to the song 'Mujizat itu nyata' and 'Bapa Yang Kekal' again and again, I got brought back to Camp Cam, to the things we learn.

That day, I learn about Him and about myself in a whole new perspective, a whole new way, a whole new angle.

I miss our random-ness. Love the cool shots we took. <3

Each time I see playground and swings, I think of you all. T_T
ps: Apasal Thurston hide?
Miss our gramps

I thought it's quite nonsense to miss people you only got to know for 3 weeks. Miss also a bit only la I used to think. I used to find it funny that my CF-mates call each other mama and all since we are all around the same age. I was wrong, very wrong. I miss all of you and I think I'm used to calling Mama too!!!

Looked through my journal. Lots of things came flashing back. :) And I'm glad.

Till next happier update,
Ping Ping
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