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Thursday, June 17, 2010

In the midst of all this bola fever

if you are not much of a bola person, be reminded that if you go mamak with your friends, :-

a. you might be asked to sit with your back facing the television if there's the only sit left as you don't watch.

b. people will be looking at your direction (especially if you are sitting like right under the screen) but none will be looking at you.
c. eat slowly and chew slowly cause sometimes, they might suddenly shout. Beware not to choke on your food cause people are less likely to notice also.

d. have a strong heart. :)

Enjoy being surrounded with people who talk about FIFA all the time. Afterall, it's once in every 4 years.


cheng ling said...

Haha...Agree to what you say. Lol...It's waka waka season XD Football is going to be a lifestyle for most people for a period of time Ping.

weiwei said...

another lucky no bf wtf

Mrs Chong said...

chengling: hehehe...yea...have to bertolak ansur...hehehe..although i dun watch ball..

weiwei: hehehehe true... :P

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