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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wan Daun, Tree Mor

Hehe, one down, three more to go. =)

Can't wait for exams to be over but it means I'll be in my third year. *pulls hair* Insane!!

It felt like I just entered USM okay? So fast, two years already? *checks wrinkles in the mirror*

I'm so sorry to all my juniors. I'm sorry because I'll be a lousy senior. I hope I won't leave USM before trying Mamu Burger which according to his regular customers that it's a MUST try. I'm not a big burger fan so I managed to slide my way out each time.

I was just relating this to a senior. It feels so surreal that I'll be a senior soon. A third year at that. A third year who just took a wrong bus and got sent back to where she boarded the bus. A senior who still goes to meeting earlier cause she misread/mishear the time. A senior who goes to wrong meeting place. A senior who enters class not by knowing the classes but by peeping in to see if her coursemates are around.

Sometimes it felt like I take so little effort to be less blur. I just blur my way through and soon I'll be in third year. By God's grace, I'm blessed to go through each year with more and more improvements (not grade wise though =( Will try harder)

Apparently my line is bad enough that I cannot upload photos so, bear with me. When I'm home, I'm usually too lazy to update blog.

A packed but exciting sem break to come. =) At the meantime, study a.


Mad Maureen said...

you peek at coursemates to look if you're in the right class huh? so cute.. hehehe. XD I haven't try Mamu burger too.. I don't even know where the stall is.. XD

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: oh yes that's what I do. =P You haven't too? It's at Saujana there. I've been to the stall a few times but always go there lateeee at night and I've taken my dinner so never tried it yet. And my friends insist that I have to try it before I finish this semester.

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