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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Beyond what I expected

I was complaining my workload, how I will not enjoy my birthday this year because everyone is just so busy and I, myself, am busy too. Expect less and you really get more.

The day started (12am) with me doing my assignments, when wishes come pouring in. LOTS OF THEM. Beyond what I really expected. I'm still replying to the comments on facebook and messages. I woke up today at 9am all grumpy and tired but I already told my friend that we'll go for breakfast. So I got ready and went to meet him at McD.

The day before another senior, sweet sweet senior bought me lunch. *touched* Anyways, after breakfast *which my friend paid for - thankyouawesomefriend*, I walked to the library, relaxed a little then I walked to class. Got wishes all over which lasted the whole day. Got a blogpost dedicated to me by Maureen, great great friend.

Came back in the afternoon, with over 70+ messages on facebook. You people are insanely nice I tell you. Replied half and got ready to class again, had jamuan, then they started singing to me. Whole class, My face got red la, you know I blushes like nobody's business one.

After that, went for class, then went dinner with Wei, Kar Sin, Ding Ding, Woon Ching and Yoke Puai and they got me baby cupcakes. Huey Chian got me bigger ones. Cupcakes overload. So I brought some over to Wern's place to chia them. Got a small prezzie from Dilah and my awesomest friend - Rou En.

Happy. Contented. I think this is what birthday is all about. Surrounded with loved ones who really cares. I am beginning to love my uni friends. I love Emmoes and Bentengz also okay? I think my BIG BIG heart is enough to fit another bunch of awesome people in it. =) And guess what, today is just the beginning of my celebration. Things can only get better from here.

Thank you to all who wishes me, hugged me, chia-ed me, made me feel special and all. There's no words in the dictionary that I could use to express how grateful and thankful and blessed I am to know you all. I cannot list out everyone cause it's just too many of you but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

*insert photo* hehehe..Will do so when I got a more stable line
Love, the birthday girl.

Come to think of it, I've never celebrated my birthday whole day like this. Back in secondary school, it's only half a day then I go home. Then last year, I was at home and we went for dinner at night to celebrate. This is my first time celebrating whole day with my coursemates and my CF friends. <3 First time.


Mad Maureen said...

=) U deserved everything u got on ur bday... hehe.. the one singing for u is the Spanish class ka?? ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: aww u are alwiz so my law class...hehehe..spanish class x sempat eheehehe

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