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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much has happened since 6th August

I went to Bangkok

Nom-ed countless amount of Swensens with

Mr. Ice-cream Fan

Came back and enrolled in my Masters programme. Study + work is no easy feat. Especially when you have mad study schedule which throws you with quiz on Week 4 and lots of words you've never heard before. Was reading almost every day two weeks ago only to go to class and realized we've read the wrong chapter for our quiz. The lecturer was referring to old book while we are all using new book. How would we know that the two books were so different? What was once in Chapter 2 is now in Chapter 6. Talk about changes.

Then Yi Lin had her convocation.

which Ah Win and I attended. The rest couldn't due to work commitment.

Then Daniel had his convocation and I was running around like mad girl.

In the afternoon I think, AWESOMEST had hers.

The next day, it's MINE!!! So I threw some mortar board with Yi Lin,

Took some pictures with my family.
And got showered with love from awesome people like this.

Then we went to Diana's convo (which I dont have the picture and the following week, we went for this awesome good food.

Celebrated Pao's birthday two days ago and now back to studying studying and studying. I'm surrounded by people who loves me for who I am and not talk behind my back. There are some who does but I've got plenty who don't. Thank you sayangs.

Three more to go? Swee Win, Ling Ling and Hooi Shan's convo. Just that theirs are all too far for us. One in Sabah, one in KL and one in UK!!
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