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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back from Bangkok and off to school

Came back from Bangkok on Sunday and attended my first class yesterday. Will be going to another one later. This marks the beginning of my Masters' life. Although I am taking just two papers this semester, the first one is enough to set me back and shiver a little.

Nevertheless, the show has to go on and I have to stick to it. It will be okay. Will be back to work tonight teaching a group of very interesting students. Bangkok was INSANE... but I love it. Just not so much of the food cause we eat almost the same thing every day. Penang or Malaysia still has the best food ever..

Will blog about Bangkok cause we found out an easier route to our hotel which is like 20% out of the cost we took to get to our hotel. When you are in Bangkok, you want to save as much as you can for the hotel and the transportation cause 1baht saved is 1baht more to shop. Will definitely try to blog everything but we have like 600 pictures so it'll take some time (and with my procrastination, my work, my studies, some time is an understatement).

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