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Friday, August 05, 2011

Counting down

Wah, I did not blog for more than a month. Damn power /flips hair. I kept doing this /flip hair thing with Daniel, even when I'm half asleep. He usually wakes up at like 7.30 am and by 8.10am, he'll be talking to me when I'm half asleep. When he praise me, I'll flip hair and I'll do it even when I'm half asleep.

So basically I wake up by 8.30am (if I can steal a few more winks) and pack his lunch. Then see him off before I go back to sleep or come online.

My daily routine is
1. Wake up, pack his lunch (he has to heat it up himself because I want to sleep)
2. See him off, online
3. Cut the ingredients to cook and then of course cook.
4. Take my bath.
5. Pack my dinner and eat my lunch.
6. Off to work for 8 hours.
7. Reach home at 10.30pm, he washes the dishes (if I'm too tired or I have other things to do)
8. Laze around watching shows on laptop, play games or talk to each other, counting down our working days.
9. Sleep till next morning.

The cycle repeats itself for 4 days (Tuesday to Friday) and on Saturday, as I'm working early, I'll just wake up, bathe, see him off, eat breakfast, tapao lunch and go to work.

I kind of like my job if not for the time. I kind of like the kids if not for the SUPER noisy ones. (Thank God Miss Leila is back and she's taking all the noisy ones with her.)

Thank God for this job nevertheless. Gives me RM1.2k and I don't sit around rotting or spending money in the malls. It's not too bad a job. Just a little lazy.

So looking forward to Bangkok with Daniel!!!! Began to write down what I want to buy there. Daniel has a shopping bug in him too. I like! One more month to go.

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