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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working adult's life - From a teacher's perspective

is very boring. Wake up, cook, online a bit, bathe, go work, come back, roll around watch show, sleep.

No matter how much you think you enjoy your job, you'll still feel lazy. (Or is it just me?)

It's better to have a lot of work. Time passes faster that way. If you are too free, you'll feel like the clock has stopped moving and 10pm doesn't seem to come.

If you are a teacher, best if you have many classes. 8 hours will pass easily.

Not all students are going to like you. Especially if you are new and still learning how to teach. T_T Learn and improve.

Do not be too nice, students will step all over you. Do not be too fierce, either the boss will come after you or the parents will. And your student will stop responding to you.

Not all students can understand you even if you use simple english. So do your homework, find more examples.

Please master the skills of hiding your yawn. You'll need it a lot.

All jobs are hard. There is no easy job in this world. Even a housewife needs to think of what to cook every day.

As much as you complain and whine each day, when the time comes, you'll still have to drag your sorry feet out of the gate and go to work.

This is the life of a working adult. Really not much fun.


cheng ling said...

Ping, you work in Kindy? I always wanted to try:D

Mrs Chong said...

nope..i'm working in an english language centre opposite queensbay..wanna come and try???hehehehe...please come...we teach kids from 4 years old to adults...u want or not? come apply la...

cheng ling said...

English language centre for adult like me?? Tell me the courses available like business English and the fees:)

Mrs Chong said...

eh u dun need la..this is more for those who really can't speak English - mostly from Chinese we have courses where they learn how to have conversations, how to read accurately and also grammar...ur english so power, nonit go tuition's ur work??

I ask u to come be the teacher, u wanna come be the student pulak...hehehe..

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