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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging!!

Yes, I was there!! All the way from Penang, just to hunt those animals. It was so coincident that my holiday trip to KL was around that time and we decided to go for the event. No regrets though. I was there, as sua koo as I can be, happily running around like a happy looking hunter, trying to take picture with all the bloggers whose blog I read la.

(Don't even try to imagine how I looked like, running around.)

The first one I tried to kill. Sammy, the panda.

My three buddies who followed me there, yilin, win and jen.

Michelle who blogged about terrible Taiwanese singer's name. The first one I took picture with and THANK YOU for remembering my name. So happy kay? XD

Ringo whom I tried killing. =P Star struck la me. She was pretty and real friendly wor.

This ladybird lady which we were so eager to take picture with because she was so pretty. XD But I don't get her name, please, if you know her, let me know her blog. =P I found her from Aronil's blog. =P

The Nuffies, that bunny was so pretty la...

Liang, the MC.

The gorilla who finally did show me his face before we left.

The elephant terrorist which I think is pretty cool. Lol, love his socks trunk.

Adeline and I. She was very pretty and sweet too. And she remembered me.

Simon Seow. I wanted to take pic with him since the beginning of the event but lol, tak berani. Luckily I saw Adeline and after taking with Adeline, I asked to take with him. =P

Robb the porcupine. He was busy but he took a picture with us. And he saw my name already, I some more go introduce myself, shy only. But I am glad I finally met him in person. And yes, he is that handsome in person too. Sorry for the blur pic. Robb, can take again next gathering? =P

Ming, the co-founder of Nuffnang. He look cute la.

Timothy Tiah and Samantha. Samantha is really gorgeous. I like her la. =P Must take again with Tim also, blur one.

Some random chicken. =P Can introduce ar? I not sure of the name or the blog la. But we loved his outfit. Chicken yummy what?

Me and Suet Li's friend, Audrey, the bee and Hui Wen, the peacock. Sorry I did not get her name either. =)

Suet Li. And she remembers me too. I read her blog also la~~ It's good to have Ping Ping as your name, easier to remember.

PAMSONG!!! I have been her reader for quite some time la and I was looking for her. Finally approached her and took a picture. I think another guy, Hwei Ming has better picture of us. She stuck her name on her stomach there. How to check if she is Pamsong or not? Had to try to stare at her stomach without looking so hamsup. T.T

Me and another blogger who gave me his card. Will read his blog. =)

I like this cow also. He got tits kay? But the panda did not get his tits in the pic. =P

My Project Trafford group leader, PinkPau!!! So happy to meet you at the event. =)

Me and the twin tower. I already said don't want stand in the middle mar. T.T I am born short like this la. Glad to meet both of them lor. Star Struck again.

Finally. KENNY SIA!!!

The Winnie the Pooh. =P He was really friendly lor. Took a picture with us. I stand beside him. Happy si.

And me, live blogging though got 5 nangs only. XD

Linora. I have been following her blog recently. Glad to meet her too.

And who says I am a friendly cute hunter? I did try to be a garang one okay?

Overall, I enjoyed the event. It was hot and stuffy but I enjoyed it because I met so many bloggers I hoped to meet. Met all of those I really want to meet actually and took picture with them. Another new phase of my blogging life. Had a great time saying hi-s and taking picture lor. =)

Goodies bag. Love the bag lor.

Thanks for the wonderful night.

ps: Will update the event next post. This post is for the pictures I took of me and the bloggers I met. =)


Dragon said...

i wish to join this kind of event one day! to meet up all the bloggers!!! i think u r really have a good time there!

Mrs Chong said...

dragon: next time if there's another event like this go also la...i'll be going again for sure. And take more pictures. =P I am camwhore like that.

Simon Seow said...

Why la hunter scared of a horse? LOL. Nice meeting you there. That's why see your blog URL so familiar. Pinkpau's team. Hehehe.

Mrs Chong said...

simon seow: yes...pinkpau's team..dunno why she keep calling me pinky.. XD

what to do??U all outnumbered me.. Lol, love ur "costume" hahahah..

Johnny Ong said...

wow, all the way from penang. shld hav taken photo with an outstation blogger

babychyu said...

u pinjam me gohh kiewww~
actually u wan take picture with Simon nia....

HAHHHH !!! i rmb u alwis !!!!
ish ish

babychyu said...

johnny: i'm outstation blogger too johnny ong ~ i'm all the way from port dickson to the party u kn .. day trip somemore ....
wuwuuwuw.. ~

Mrs Chong said...

lol la..i was actually somewhere else, busy taking picture with another blogger and my friends come running to me telling me Adeline is here. I fast fast go find u and take picture okay??? =P

I is very the sincere one. Where got pinjam u goh kiew wor?? XD

revel in me said...

Haha, me loves your hunter costume! :P And my name is hui wen la! :D

Pam Song said...

I want this pic!!! I'll doctor it and send back to you, ok? Haha. =p

And I'll get the pics from Hwei Ming also. He just shifted house so no internet at the moment. =p

Maybe when I balik kampung we can have a Penang blogger's meet. Haha.

p/s: Eeyer. Why you so hamsap?

Mrs Chong said...

johnny: lol, forgot to reply ur comment. Nvm..still got other chance. =)

huiwen: now I get your name. Will edit lor. XD I return my so-called "hunter costume" already. Shoe and gun not mine.

pamsong: yea yea..thanks.. Come, Penang Blogger's Gathering sure fun. cuz lots of FOOD...hehehe..I was not hamsup kay??I was forced to. =P Stick elsewhere mar. T.T

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

hey ping ping :) it was nice meeting you too.. by the way.. the lady bugs name is Min Li :) i have her all over my blog lol

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