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Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogging is so different now

Now we have to jaga our language cause people might get offended by what we write and sue us. We cannot rant about how that toilet aunty we hate or that chikopek uncle we saw.

People will call us racist if they are of another race and we will get sue. Then what's the purpose of blogging? I mean we used to blog about how this person pisses us off, or that particular thing we hate and stuff. Now we must all write good happy things so as not to step on another person's tail. We can't even write with our own style because people might not be able to accept our style of writing.

In future, you can't even depend on blogs for true posting cause everyone will be afraid of getting sued and then, we are just like any other mass media, controlled to write what people LIKE to read and not what we LIKE to write.

I am beginning to hate writing. Seriously, I want to write the way I like to, with the language I like, with the type of expression that I feel is best to convey my true self. I want to rant about how I hate certain things and no one bother read because they are too engrossed with newspaper.

I have a feeling there would be laws on blogging soon. Very very soon. And I am not even surprised.


Anonymous said...

hoho i am back online after so long my internet conn sot sot d..

r.p said...

Ok, Imma just paste my reply to your comment on my blog :D

Ok, here goes:

There are pros & cons.

Cons: you don't have freedom of speech like what you mentioned.

Pros: it helps to protect those who are being victimized (Cyber Bullying).

For example: I blog about you for being the most stupid person in school and name you "The Pig Brain".

At school, you heard classmates start calling you "Hey..Hey..see who is coming?? The Pig Brain..LOL".

How will you feel?

Mrs Chong said...

jason: lol..kesian...patutlah tak nampak u online sangat.

r.p: I get what you mean. We can blog but dun state name lor if possible. Or change name. But now, seems like even if we are not talking about A, if he feels offended, he can sue us?

Kamigoroshi said...

I've always written the way I want to, when I want to, how I want to. Who said you have to write good and happy things? The thing we have to understand is that we have to write with responsibility. I've added ways to cover my back in regards to what I blog especially adding legal disclaimers. I've written about it so long ago how blogging and legal matters can clash and what we can do to make sure we don't bear the brunt of it. The best thing to do is always be responsible.

If you're going to call someone an idiot, you don't really have to say their name but you do have to have a good reason for it for calling them an idiot. You still express, but people don't really have to know who it is. It's an art that personal bloggers need to master.

For me at least, I still keep to the same reasons I've always blogged after all these years. A way for me to express what I always wanted to express. I doubt anyone can stop me.

Mrs Chong said...

kamigoroshi: That's why, now we have to learn how to cover backside. It used to be just open your blog and type away, now we have to read, edit, edit edit and edit before we can publish. And even after we publish it, we spend time reading and reading the same post to see if there is any way at all that we can be sued or something.

I don't know bout you guys but I have been extra careful because I seriously don't know what aspect they are looking at and how are they judging whether it is sensitive enough or not.

Anonymous said...


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