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Monday, June 16, 2008

ShoutOut Factory *special sneak peek*

I was happily chatting when Lasker realize one of his 5 shouters who are supposed to be doing some site testing with him was not around. So he asked if I'll be free for the next hour. Actually I wasn't lor. But I saja layan-ed him and he sent me information to go in the secretly hidden test site. Ok la, I drama a bit la, the reason why I would not be free was because I wanted to watch one episode of the Xing Guang Da Dao that I missed the other day. I have the dvd, Season 2 one.

I entered and registered myself. Have to register one, sad nia. Anyway, after some log in log out stuff, we started testing the site. I was as mentioned above, a newly invited guest to that site and I did not know we have to print screen our activities. No one told me. T.T Lasker some more say I did not read the blog. I admit lor.

Below are the few testings we did and as I do not have print screen shots of the new function, I'll just compare with the old one. =)

Item #1 Details and Orb

When we click on the orb, we will get the one in grey right? Now, more information will be provided.

We will get to see the person's picture, where he/she is from and of course, the SOmail and the full profile. That way, we do not have to click on that View Profile word just to look at the person's picture or where he/she is from. A very easy way to browse the shouters next time. =)

Item #2 was requested by Anna.

I personally love this idea cause I too hate to go to just to find the latest picture uploaded. Ma fan ma. If can get it from my ShoutOut box itself easier. So that my dear, is the second function. Oh by the way, check back the first picture. Do you notice that I square out the camera? Yea, it's changed to another more real looking camera. And do you notice another camera at the bottom. That, when you click on it, pop-up a new window with all the latest photo uploaded in SO.

Item #3 was the What's Next thing.
Basically it is like this. From now on, when you select whether you can attend or not for certain events, you will be notified on who is going or who is not if they select it after you. So you are B la. A select it first, then when you a.k.a B select it, A will receive a SOmail. You will only receive from C, D and etc. Faham or not?

I think that too is quite brilliant la. Imagine your kawan don't want to go, you receive a SOmail saying that he/she is not going, you can terus reply him/her on SOmail and pester-memester him/her until he/she gives up and go. Or if you feel don't want to go, and you see you bestest kawan go, can change your mind. =)

Item #4 SOmail
Compare the two SOmail below

See, always catch people spamming, neh, he sendiri say he was spamming. Terrible la. *Shake head*
Spot the difference. You are correct when you say first photo no Lasker obscene swimming picture, second photo got. Your face will now appear beside your mail. Which is good cause now if you change picture, people will know. =P

That was the four thing we tested and it was a great fun la. Due to some unforseen circumstances, my computer hang and I had to restart. Like that also let Lasker perli. Chieh, you owe me candy lor I tell you.

ps: Look who is spamming. Tsk tsk tsk.

Hope you enjoyed the tour here. =)


Lasker said...

wakakakaka ...
I kena tembak teruk lor from here :D
Thanks PingPing, your post damn helpful :)

Xie xie ni .. candy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Simple & Clear. Especially you did the comparison. Thanks again. :)

Mrs Chong said...

lasker: hoi..dun kesi kesi xie xie ni candy for u tiok kira give liao..I mean real candy wokay???

elise: no problem. Glad u like it.

bwahahah. See, differences between layanan kepada elise dan lasker. Evil la me.

Weird Dan said...

candy~~~ i ALSO want

Mrs Chong said...

daniel: ok ok..wait i get from him two candies, i chia u one.. =)

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