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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And finally, it's time

It's time to move on to another phase of my life, to move on to uni life. I've been avoiding it long enough, trying to stay as long as I can, but it is time. I can really feel it now. All those shopping for clothes, hugging, pictures and expensive food *ouch*, I know it's anytime now.

Now all we chat in MSN are,

"Oi, sudah certify cert?"
"You got what uni?"
" SO FAR????"

I hate those chats. I want to chat about what we are gonna do when we meet each other the next day in class. I may be in Penang, but my friends aren't and man, that sucks just as much as I have to leave, okay, slightly less, but still.

Thank God I got Wei Wei.

Anyways, went out for a gathering with my buddies and yeah, we took pictures and also video. Thank you Wan Mei for the video. Love it.

My two real good buddies, one that always gets on my nerves but never fails to make me laugh every single time, and another whom I always get on her nerves. =P

-.-" Like those Disney cartoon.
Me drinking while the rest are talking. I was not pouting la.

Muka blur while others are talking and laughing.

Us with win as the photographer.

All of us. I will miss you girls. Win!!!! Go until Sabah. T.T

That's like 4 pictures of me trying to drink and take picture.

Ah Win curi take this. Must give her credit for doing it alone and not joining in our chat.

I love taking pictures of me drinking.

Thursday will be the last day I'll see Swee Win. T.T

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