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Sunday, June 15, 2008

BUMP-ers' Ops Kentang

As I’ve mentioned about this Mister Potato’s contest to “Snack your way to Old Trafford” previously, I am going to show you how I can secure my place to go to Old Trafford by being one of those top 30 people with highest point. That’s not it. I AM GOING TO WIN THAT RM5k (for top 5 points collector) as well. Yes, I am THAT greedy. =P

What points ar?
The points I am suppose to collect are these

160g canister red paper seal = 3 points
85g bag = 2 point
55g bag = 1 point

The period of collecting it will be from 1st June to 30th October 2008. After collecting all we have to do is mail it monthly (to win monthly prizes) or sekali gus (heh, makes people happy cause got a lot.) Don’t worry hor, the tickets and RM5k will only be rewarded at the end of the contest after counting the total amount of points collected throughout the whole contest so you mail it monthly or sekali gus also nevermind. I suggest monthly la. Win more freebies mar. The more the merrier. (or so.)

PS: Check out what is the freebies at Mister Potato’s website. The super cool website. I like. =)

What sparks our plan?

So, to collect those points, I can’t possibly consume so much Mister Potato right? You want me to have 5 meals of Mister Potato daily ar? As yummy as it is, I can’t.. You give me bird nest, sharks fin everyday also I cannot eat okay? (Now I know why those ‘tai-tai’ on television say eat until they don’t want.)

With my team, we had to come up with an idea that will benefit all of us and all of us will have something to do. Problem is, we are all living far far away from each other. To chat online is already a problem (12 hours difference between us and Justina) , let alone meet up. Nothing is impossible so we came up with a plan that not only will keep everyone in the project, we make full use of our location!

Group Name
But before that, we have to come up with a group name and Pinkpau immediately thought of this and yes, it was the first name suggested and the only name accepted. We are the B.U.M.P. team? What is B.U.M.P. la? Hey, don’t underestimate it, it has very meaningful explanation. B.U.M.P stands for Bloggers Unite For Mister Potato. How touching? Go get yourself and tissue and don’t wet my blog.

Let’s continue with what gives us the idea to the plan. Justina told us about the police force in New York and we came up with this idea. We name this game plan….. “OPS Kentang”, so very the Malaysian one.

Tsk tsk tsk, greedy betul. So big mia donut, share share cannot ar? Seorang, sekali kaki naik to eat.

Why hor, do we always see in cartoons like The Simpsons with donut in it? Have you ever thought of it? Never leh? Donut really that good meh? There’s untold story la. Apparently, donut and the US police are always put together (US police=donuts) so donut became super famous la. That explains this picture. Imagine if you go to a costume party in US and you go as a cop, make sure you take donut with you lor. Else tak sah. Why are they always linked? Kononnya they get sponsors la. Ahem.

Our plan

We are going to make a win-win-win plan with Mister Potato’s company, the police and us. Heh, three win cause three parties involved. We decided to propose to Mister Potato a plan whereby throughout the contest, they sponsor our Polis Diraja Malaysia with Mister Potato. Our plan is that the company provide each police officer with 10 packets and 5 tubes of Mister Potato each month, both as a morale booster to our police force and also to gain free publicity! Imagine in future the show like “Gerak Khas” on TV3 will have their polis minum petang with Mister Potato. Lol, my line damn lawaks.

Don’t play play, we even come up with a logo for that competition. With tagline. Nah.
And of course we won’t ask for money for the idea (unless they offer =P I don’t say no to money that comes my way, do you?), just the rights to collect those seals and packs from the police station. Hiak, hiak, hiak. Who can beat us to winning the RM5k and the trip? Who? Who? You? Come on.....

Why should Mister Potato provide free potato chips and how would it benefit Mister Potato?
Ya lor, why ar? Check them out at Justina’s blog.

What this AgentPink must do?
Unfortunately, I do not get to do some secret job like go spy on some rich tai tai got curang or not. I would have to collect the seals from states Kedah, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu. Yes, THEY STATED THE STATES FOR ME OKAY? I know I am terrible with maps. I know Penang and Johore only. One is the last state and one is my own state. =D

So how ar? My driving skills will kiss butts (car butts! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?).

Langgar pokok!!! Damn comel la this one. See my big head. =P Lol, must stick my head out of the roof. Lawak extreme. Poor car and poor tree.
Although budget airline say everyone can fly, you think no need $$ ar?

I can’t possibly take bus (@_@) and planes to each of the states all the time. So HOW?

Why we must always keep good relationship with people around us?
This is when friends come in handy, right my friends? My close buddies who will be going to university soon will be my ‘officers’ in those states. I will set police station which are near to the universities as the collection point so that my friends can help to monitor and keep those seals. I will give them their ‘salary’ with the RM5k I win.
(Reason 1)

And then, this is why I love my mum for being in the shipping line. No la, not gonna ship the seals back. She will help me to get in touch with those lorry drivers who will be delivering goods to these states to bring my seals back for me every two months (yes, I am focusing on the bigger prize. =P). Yay yay, and I don’t even have to go there myself!!!
(Reason 2)

And the lorry people will not overcharge her cause they have been in this business with her for years. Since I baby cute cute time okay? Now not cute anymore la.
(Reason 3)

Ps: You still have to keep a good relationship with people though you don’t need their help. *trying to sound as morally well-behave as possible* Who knows you might need their help in future right? (plan gagal extreme. T.T)

Anyway, once collected all the seals, we will then send the seals to our “main office” and then submit all of it to claim our tickets.

Fun Facts

Once our seals are all collected and sent, how can we not win I ask you. Together we stand, divided we fall. This is what we are going to do. We are going to stay united and be unbeatable. Seriously, can you beat that number of seals we collect?

Yeah!!!! If we win more than one ticket for ourselves, we can even reward one of the Polis Mithali a ticket to go with us!! =)

Man U fansee, you ought to do better cause seriously, there’s only 24 tickets left if we decided to just win one each. You can ask for my help if you want me to spare you one ticket. I am a good good person.

What? I tak kenal itu so-called entau football guy so what? Cannot go drool ar? I know David Beckham. HAH! Got nothing to say already is it? *beams and walked away with 'air'*

In Future

Curious to know what my other team mate has to do? You just have to read their blogs! It just gets better

Now while you scratch your head and think of how to outbeat us, let me enjoy my Mister Potato. I tell you, really damn crunchy one lor. Walao, finished the whole packet. -.- With sis’s bf. Heh, want to see a pic of him eating Mister Potato? I cannot post, he say if I post, must pay for advertisement fees. Cekik darah one. Tak dress up pun for the picture. Chieh.

ps: Bwahahahaha. This post is like long kept as a draft and guess what??? It was written before more than 15 post. Freaking 15 post leh. I either blog a lot or we really waited for a LONG time to get it up. Hope you guys like the idea, I love it.

Ops Kentang MAN SUI!!!! (Thousand years old?)

pps: For the pictures with word, I guess you would have to click on it to enlarge. Blogspot keep resizing my pictures. T.T Got any method to enlarge it? Must read the words on the pictures. I likey one.

ppps: If you are a nuffnanger, can nang my post if you like it.


The Faux Fashionista said...

Hey Ping Ping, the pics abit too small, can enlarge ah?

Anonymous said...

hehe.... eat mr potato whole day ? yest went to jusco wanted to get one pack at home.. but gf said kenot T.T

joshuaongys said...

GO Ops Kentang!

Mrs Chong said...

justina: kenot liao. T.T keep resizing nia.

jason: lol...good good... =P padan muka

joshua: hey..thanks. =)

Anonymous said...

Ping, no need so susah payah..just go make friends with Mister Potatoes' packaging supplier. Show them your PR skills n then ask for the seals need to chiak ka pua si....n no need to think of collecting from so many states.

Lasker said...

*poke* I read the whole thing liau ..
go Ops Kentang! :)
All the best to you ya ? :)

Anonymous said...

keke, saw the police thinked of you can get VISITOR PASS.. everything OK to proceed..kekeke [tu MI punya adv]

I WANT MISTER POTATOES!!! U tempted me again ah PingPing!

Anonymous said...

sigh the thing about Project Trafford is that everytime i see one of the Project Trafford posts, i start craving Mister Potato...! haih now must walk out and buy

Anonymous said...

Mister Potato for Malaysian police force...sure famous.Great Idea for Mister Potato publicity and Malaysian Police force with new identity.

reddaisie said...

go mister potato!!!
go pingping!!
but dun langgar pokok
the police will thank u for that idea..they won't saman u for knocking down trees :)

Anonymous said...

i love mr potato too ... but i nvr eat for almost decade . too old for this stuff . police for mr potato . that a bit outta your mind , police only will haf coffee with nasi lemak kekkekekekeee

Mrs Chong said...

susan: heh, just a game plan we thought of. =P

lasker: Facebook too much la u. Poke poke. Thanks.

layleng: lol, it's damn tempting lor.

pinkpau: look left look right also mister potato, end up, go buy, eat first, think later.

anony: Thanks. Love our idea a lot too.

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: =P Poor tree.


3w3yaN said... car so cute..ahaha..u can 1...everyday eat 3 packs den can liao..hehe..go go go..5k is on da way coming to u..ahaha..good luck and all da best..

Anonymous said...

very good effort, worth a token of appreciation from Mr Potato, ops kentang catchy idea . me super love chip (big carbohydrate+yummy)

3POINT8 said...

GoGo Ping!
All the best!

Anonymous said...

D math...D logic...All of it does make some sense.To achieve it-its not so easy as in d words u type in ur blog.Get realistic.
But wen i get to noe its a few in a team, perhaps there's a posibility.
So, work hard! To all in BUMP-ers Ops Kentang.Awaiting ur pics wv the final prize in hand!

Jen said...

cute la ur post!!!
especially the one u edit!!!

Anonymous said...

woiyoo..very huge mission!scary..lolx!!tha pic so lawak luck!

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: 3 packets a day???

pinkpanther: ya la..chips are everyone's favourite.

3point8: Wow, from another team. =P Thanks. Go go go

anon: win BIG, we need a BIG mind.

jen: chieh, laugh at my big head la?

suling: tsk tsk..u two laughing at my big head is it?

Unknown said...

Well, ops kentang with the police force sound plausible... and you should be able to collect BIG!! But then.. what's in it for Mr Potato? Unless maybe the PDRM agrees to stich mr potato onto their uniform? For the police, well, the snacking is good?

weiwei said...

remember must chia abit when u get the 5k ok? hahahahhaa joking la good luck okkkkkk i am going to buy mr potato the next time i go shop hohoho.

Unknown said...

the brilliance!
you'll take the other groups down by storm!
all d best 2 ur team ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! haha

sHaN sHaN said...

u look cute in the car.. lol.. btw i bought mister potato the other day but darn i throw the seal away...don't kick me... don't worry i'll get more mister potato...hopefully...hehe...

Anonymous said...

looks like u guys really very keng lor
can set up Mister Potato thing some more...

Mrs Chong said...

josephine: well, they eat nasi kandar, roti planta and stuff, I think mister potato is better. =P

faichai: when eat, think of me. XD

sammy: thank u very muchie. Haha

hoeng: Yes, WOW...

shan: since when got I kick u??alwiz u kick me nia..

ju-yen: lol..good leh our plan...

Dragon said...

here i come!!!! although it's late....... keep up the good work, sure can get it. hehehe. can i have the ticket to go too? wakakakakaa.

anyway, good luck ya!!! must win!!!

Swee Win said...

hu so called entau football player ?? u mean christiano ronaldo..? he is memang entau OK !? not SO-CALLED..cis u!! blekk

aiya..ur post bnyk panjang leh..i wana comment on the .. one of the parts la..but when i read finish i 4get wana comment bout what d.. lol

ostrova said...

hmmm... why I've never thought of that... the US police officers are always link to donuts. Linking PDRM with Mr. Potato sure will be a great, unique and bold marketing campaign!!

Mrs Chong said...

dragon: if win la.. XD

win: chieh, i kap zai tak kisah nama. Hehehehe...I tulis bersungguh sungguh k???

ostro: Yea, I also found out after my friend told me bout it. Before this dun even realise

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