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Friday, June 06, 2008

I hate to feel this empty

Have you ever felt like this? It's like you are very busy, so busy you felt suffocated and extremely tired and then, you finish your work, there's nothing left for you to do and you feel empty.

I feel as though nothing interest you, there's nothing to do, you wander around (in my case, on the net) without knowing what you should do. Like you already cut yourself off with the outside world. Lol, sound so drama. But ya la, that feeling.

T.T After I finish Project Trafford I better keep myself busy with looking for the perfect outfit for Wild Party lo. Now starting to feel a bit bored already. Today is the last day to submit the post. Then, nothing to do already la.

Hopefully I don't whine when I got so many things to do. =P Haih, humans, never satisfied one.


Kikey Loo said...

this is life!! :)

amei79 said...

feel empty...hmm is a gd time to have a rest or sleep.

human easy to satisfied, but they are greedy...haha. i love this "we always compain we have no shoe, until we saw a human with no leg"!
we r the lucky one, cheer!

Pam Song said...

I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes my job takes up so much of me till... when I go home, I realise my social life is pretty much non-existent anymore.

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