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Friday, June 13, 2008

All I can say is


You cannot expect someone to stay there waiting for you while you go TRY out other guys. When he move on, he moved on. Stop blaming people for the break-up. You broke his heart, and well, someone else mended it and though the one who breaks heart always ended up the winner *tv drama*, in your case, the one who mended it got the love.

You broke a glass and expect it to be just the way it is before it is broken? There are things you cannot undo no matter how many times you click on the button. Whatever has happened, has happened.

Go around calling people names, having your friends doing the same is NOT COOL. It is lame, sad and at the same time show how shallow you girls are. It shows that you are another weak girl who cannot let go and decided that other people are to blame so that you feel better.

In love, there's no one to blame at the end of the day. There has to be a two way thing. To me, if you cannot take it, you leave. Rejection phobia we have. T.T So sadist like what pinkpau just posted. Haih, drag longer, suffer longer.

When a story ended, another story starts, people forget about the past stories until you bring it up again.

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