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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am joining this contest by AMBP. I have to answer the question below first. What har?

i) Who plays the eponymous character in the movie Hancock?
Will Smith

ii) Fill in the blanks: In a bid to save a whale, Hancock heaves it out to sea, only to see it smash a sailboat.

Lol, that poor whale. =x

I am actually pretty excited to watch this Hancock movie. How many of us are tired and bored of superheroes that we know do not exist? I never really watched Superman or Spiderman or Batman for that matter cause hey, they don't seem real la.

Hancock is another story altogether. I'm sick of seeing these so called superheroes saving people and let the audience go "awwww...".

Come on, I am sure superheroes has flaws right and for Hancock's case, he is a drunkard. And I am sure it will be great with a combination of superheroes stuff and humor. Instead of going "wow, so keng, like that also can save people", we will go "wow, so keng, like that also can save people, but, that aunty in front is in trouble lor." You get what I mean?

Will Smith and his mosquito eyes yao yeng sunglasses.

I am expecting a lot from the show after watching the trailer. It better be good, but I have a feeling it will be. So, no problem.


adwin356 said...

Well personally I really loved this movie. Best movie I have seen for ages!!!! And I though the fact that the main twist wasn't in the trailer was fantastic!!! Most Hollywood movies these days tell you the whole story in the trailer, making the film rather boring when you have watched the trailer first.The young kids would enjoy it because of the humor and the typical Will Smith funness.Great film, if you are wanting to be entertained then Download Free Hancock Movie from here and enjoy the time....

delly said...

John Hancock, the amnesiac super hero people love to hate, good concept in this movie. I saw it but wanna watch it more & more. It was a funny movie & full of entertainment. Overall it is an enjoyable movie. so wanna watch this full movie then go ahead and Download Hancock Free Movie

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