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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Physics and Mariah Carey?

I don't like to write Einstein cannot ar? By the way, the AMBP's blog editor damn lawak. I actually thought what the heck, have to spot the difference ar? T.T

Anyway, how can you solve this equation?

Physics=Mariah Carey.

My answer would be,

TIADA JAWAPAN. =x Really cannot solve. Thank god that's not the equation I have to solve.

Basically I have to answer this two question. Here goes.

Name the title of Mariah Carey's latest album.
E=MC² (So physics la)

What does the equation in the title stand for?
Some physics equation I can never solve "Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power"

Tsk tsk tsk, like that also she can think of, I got nothing to say, speechless.

I am sure everyone agrees with me, Mariah Carey has a body to die for. Okay la, maybe a little too big for us to die for it. But yes, she always has this body to flaunt on MV, award shows and even her movies.

Most people will categorize these celebrities as "for display only", means they are only nice to look at la. Mariah Carey and many other celebrities however do prove us wrong. I have always think Mariah Carey has a powerful voice (most ang mo does), and I don't care about her body or how skimpy her clothes get cause I rarely watch her MV.

Though I only heard "Touch My Body", I am sure the album will be as good as many other albums she had (11 leh). And she must be good, REAL GOOD to stay so long in the industry despite the ups and downs. You know how fast celebrities goes up and down (read: Britney), I am impressed with her. Afterall, she is already quite old and she has that body, who won't be impressed?

Guys, if you really want to watch the preview below, please grab a tissue. Later nose bleed. =x


kyh said...

actually i think she's fat... but i love her songs. haha! and, her 'touch my body' vid is totally omg! her acts and clothes make her look kinda like a whore leh... :x

Mrs Chong said...

ya lor!!!!!! Why so tak tau fikir??? tsk tsk tsk

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