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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah Ma, why you like that?

Since yesterday, my granny has been asking me what I am about to study and also suggesting all sorts of courses for me to take.

She asked me to study Hotel Management and become a receptionist. Who get a degree to become a receptionist la? And then she asked me to study Banking and Finance and I told her I do not have interest in that.

She keep pestering me and say working in bank is very good. Today, she saw an advertisement on television about Singapore Airlines.

No, she did not ask me to become an air stewardess (why ar?). She asked me to take up a course like that and become a CLERK!!!! Ah Ma!!! I don't want to become receptionist, a clerk or work in a bank la Ah Ma.

She might as well ask me to become an actress, model, air stewardess, singer and whatever else more glamor. T.T Ah Ma, I sudah accept taking linguistic. Don't make my heart shake shake (actually no la, won't make my heart move.)


Ohkulala said...

linguistics --- cool!

Anonymous said...

Linguistic? I heard linguistic! ahahaha, my interest.

Anyway, being a clerk is not so bad. you might get lucky if your boss is a bachelor, has lots of money and about to die.....

Mrs Chong said...

ohkulala: yay..finally someone say it's good. XD

3point8: Good ar?? Hopefully la. Aiya, I have to be a secretary like that. Cannot be clerk. XD Too far from the target

Joze Foo said...

haha you tell you ah ma...those jobs that she suggested to you... don't have study uni to get those jobs... those job need experience more than qualification

Tau Sar Phneah said...

maybe your ah ma watch too many series lioa...haha...she just wants you to get a secure job..

Satkuru said...

lol your ah ma is funny ler. hahaha can really tickle your funny bones :P

Mrs Chong said...

jozefoo: lol ya lor. I also told her that. Then she make her muka like she is thinking and come up with another similar job. T.T

tsp: yes, too much tv la ah po..hehehe..but ya la, she very funny one..told me her friends did that and was successful like what? 40 years ago?

satkuru: yea..she can give all sorts of funny ideas. =P

Doralin Lee said...

Luckily ah Mah, didn't asked you to study law and become a lawyer since you like to talk so much hehehehehehe!

My dad used to asked me to continue my master and be a lecturer... and when I asked him what course should I take he buat muka selamba and say take whatever course la as long as you can be a lecturer... Wah! like that oso can meh? What is so good of becoming a lecturer anyway?

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