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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Er...Anything la.

That's what we always say when we can't decide what we want to eat.

"What you want?"
"Er....Just order anything la."

Check this video out. It is not about ordering drinks though. But it is sipek the funny.

I laugh like siao watching these ads lor. Roll here and there laughing. Now, we can't even say anything or whatever. Let's say CIN CAI LA! together-gether. =P

Itu manufacturer make our life susah nia. XD


Anonymous said...

haha!.. its actualy a good idea lo... i always say anything.. wateva lar.. so now.. if i say dat.. i get something mar.. no nid to think wat i want.. hahaha!.. im waitin for some ppl to open a restaurent named 'wateva' or 'anything'.. haha...

Mrs Chong said...

meg: u even hv to think properly before u say anything or whatever. Must use the word according to what you want. lol.

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