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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why you all like that one?

Below will be pictures of random blogger (lots of Kenny Sia) doing random stuff at the party. Check if you are in it. XD I will not blog about it in sequence cause many others will do the same already.

Elephant resting.
ms.bunny is very happy for ms.bee. Ms.Bee is standing like model like that. XD

What is that gorilla ar??? Walao eh, if real one really scary lor. Luckily I no nightmare that night.

Kenny Sia on his knees, diligently taking photos for his blog I think.
Still very kuai taking picture for his blog while Audrey gossip kat belakang. XD

OIIIIIII. Rupa-rupanya not taking pictures for his blog, he was waiting for the moment to bite on people's udders. T.T So teruk. I would have died of heart attack if he suddenly comes and bite me like that. Scary betul.

Ringo doing her killer whale is jealous of world peace thing. *PEACE*

Lol, the chicken was supposed to be doing the jealous expression. How come don't look jealous pun. They look happy, or okay, we were enjoying ourselves.

Chicken finally decided that he should not just stand there and start doing his chicken dance.

Sweat Lee laughing hysterically. Or wait, was it Audrey and Hui Wen who were laughing?
Some more have to dance and laugh like siao. Lol, shake her ostrich bum.

Audrey laughing at Sweat Lee, or was she doing the hysterical laughter? Hmmmm....
Sweat Lee, look at how hard the chicken laughed at you. Go attack him. =P

I guess people feel disturbed by the sight of his udder and decided to give it a pull. Oi, you suka suka pull, must kahwin the cow one leh. XD
Have to put this up, there goes my PSP. T.T
The King and Queen of the Jungle. Let's not talk about how salah their combination, look behind them.

Kenny the Pooh hiding behind them.

Doing cute cute poses. -.-"

People win, he pinjam the limelight, not that he need pun.

Still there. -.- Kenny the Pooh, syok la you, like star like that, flash light everywhere.

That my friend, is Kenny the Pooh's bum. If he comes and marah, I'll just have to go anonymous. T.T

Timothy Tiah holding tightly on his tail, worrying that someone might pull his tail. You know la, people are fascinated at long poked out stuff like the udder. =.="

Finally, when everyone starts leaving, Kenny the Pooh starts dancing.

And he was very seriously dancing. Shaking his bum bum with tiny tail.

And also danced with a hot girl.

While Kenny the Pooh is dancing, another lion? came out and danced with them too. =P Nampak excited sangat la that guy.

To those who find their pictures here, suka tak? Tak suka also cannot marah me.


Dragon said...

he is always funny and siao siao one.

SaeWei said... many pictures of others...where is your pic lahhh???? But was seriously fun huh????

Mrs Chong said...

saewei: it was in another posting. Earlier one. It was fun la. I had fun.

dragon: ya, he was really friendly and gila gila.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Niiice! I saw pic of you on someone's blog. You were a hunter!!! With a gun!!!

LilMeJo said...

Hey miss hunter..
So bad lar u.. blurred out my pics.. uhuhuhuh... Kenny doesnt need anymore limelight just like u said.. so spare me some ler... >=P

Mrs Chong said...

justina: YEA!!!

jolyn: ok la ok la. Later if I got online I'll post up ur picture and link you okay??? =P got more pictures of u.

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