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Saturday, June 14, 2008

On my quest of searching true friends

I found them. I always think I do not have a best friend, I do not have a close friend. The truth is, I don't. I really don't.

I have best friends and close friends. Not just one. I have been neglecting the outings we went until I read about how I blog in hope to bring in more readers and totally neglected the loyal readers I have, my friends.

I have friends who would read only my blog and KennySia's, yes, me and Kenny Sia, side by side. Power or not I ask you? And they click on my page 5 times a day (out of boredom) only to find me not blogging about them. To which got me thinking, where is my Queenstown post? Die. XD

Speaking of friends, we are soon to be seperated, to go on our own ways, to further our studies and find our place on earth.

That was the very last time we all meet up before they left. Angeline, Diana, Sharifah and Su Ling was missing. Ju-Yen in another picture. That was the very last time I seen them all at one time. I am missing you people already.

Ju-Yen. Chasing artiste has never been the same. Have not been chasing artiste either. Gosh, I miss Lin Yu Zhong. =( You tiok good la, over there in KL, get to see so many artiste. Remember to take pictures and let me jealous. T.T

The very very last time I last saw Su Ling. I want to go KL and find them already. Yay yay, Jen, Su Ling and Ju-Yen, not forgetting the long MIA Angeline. So excited kay? Anyway, I MISS SU LING!!!! Lol cause the most lama-est I have not met.

Yi Lin, Diana and Jen. My three good buddies. I have always been close with Diana but this two years, I got new found good friends, Jen and Yi Lin. =) On Jen's birthday.

All five of us, on Jen's birthday. I LOVE THEM!!!!

Walao, post Emmoes only, later Shan angry how? =P And so, I present to you, funny photos of Win and I. Only one each. We don't always make a fool of ourselves OKAY??? I AM SERIOUS! STOP LAUGHING AND SHOWING US THAT STARE!!! *runs to Win, see la they all.*

We were suppose to take picture with the 'damn-sedap-la' face but Shan took us before we even sempat take the rice up. Blerhx. All Shan's fault. Damn lawaks with mouth open like that. T.T

Ah Win don't look happy. I think cause she knows the Ah Pek looking at her from the corner of his eyes. WE KNEW IT! ala Ah Win. =P By the way Shan, don't even imagine Win and I in the same house, cause there won't be a house, sure runtuh. =)

Empat Sekawan. Cheng Ling *dare not make statement. Scared*, our siao cum blur Win, ever-so-serious-talk-a-lot-laugh-a-lot-bising Ping (so contradicting), the semakin-suka-marah-me Shan. =) Love them. What will form 6 be without you girls who hari-hari scold me? Hoi, don't melampau and start scolding again ar?

I love my friends, that I am sure. =)


sHaN sHaN said...

say me till like dat... *kick u*
candid shot is always fun mah... ada fun baru syok

Swee Win said...

hahaha.. i wan kim gary mya pixx !!
remember in the toilet ? *memoriess* .. lol

Mrs Chong said...

shan: lol...kick me pulakz...

win: apa toilet? U nyanyi?

joshuaongys said...

lolx blog more bout ur friends lor!! hehe

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