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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New template!!

In conjunction of being accepted into USM and be a UNI student there (excited lebih), I decided to photoshop my own banner.

YES!! THAT ONE IS PHOTOSHOP WOKAY??? I PHOTOSHOP TO PUT THE WORDS. T.T Why I so pathetic? Anyway, sempena meraikan hari yang berbahagia ini, saya telah menukar template blog saya kepada warna hijau, warna kesukaan saya sejak tahun 2005.

I sekali changed SO and my chatbox into green. Now everyone can start staring at my page and comment and not get your eyes spoilt (if it does, it is NOT because of my blog)

And silly me forgot to snapshot my blog old header before changing it. Luckily I blogged about Pamsong the other day and she took a snapshot of it. So I go korek-korek from her blog and found it here. Ta-da.

I love my new header also, got my face. Finally, cause face slim down a bit already, can put on blog already. Before this, every photo also cannot pakai one. XD Now, leave me comments okay?? If don't have nevermind (just in case really don't have then not so shy.)



Lol, didn't like the previous picture, eye look weird. =P Changed to this.


Ohkulala said...

hey hunter, i saw you but alas didnt take a pic with you too. my sister studies in USM, she'll be in her final year when the sem starts. wat course would you be doing?

Mrs Chong said...

i'll be doing translation and interpretation. Some linguistic course. If you think I don't know much bout the course, I can only say, YA LO. HOW NOW? DIE!!!! =P

Anonymous said...

haha... green craze ker?

Pam Song said...

Haha. I just changed my header, too! =p

Mrs Chong said...

meg: yeay!! hehehe

pamsong: good good. sama sama change. =P

Anonymous said...

why ur new template got win n yi lin ni...jealous!! =(
lol...nice heading btw =]

chilicandy said...

nice header eh ! At least, more humane lor... and pretty also...
can look very close to one of the local 'M-girls', the bright eyed beautiful one.... go check her out..

Mrs Chong said...

jen: mang jealous la...I am only putting up this picture cause I like how I look in there ma.

chilicandy: I love it too. =P Thanks.

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