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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wu~~~~ Wu~~~~

Not the sound of me crying. But it is damn creepy lo. It has been like that since I opened my eyes cause some one called at 9.30 or so. Stupid right? People sleeping syok syok. Woih, next week onwards I have to wake at 6 daily kay? Shit, now I am scared. How do I wake at 6a.m? I better get a super light sleeper as my room mate or get someone to morning call me daily at 6 (who so stupid do this job?).

And I will have to bathe in cold water, eat at uni, sleep at hostel, wake up for morning exercise (better don't have lor. siao one.), midnight want pee have to go far far away for toilet. OK!!! I am so not ready for uni. And I got no super power mp3 or laptop to cure my boredom, not that I have time to use them.

But still, aiya, nevermind, Penang campus, opposite got S&J. Can go buy soft toy, huge one, T.T. Uni life better be good lor. Very kelian la me. Now I scared already, and I am in Penang lor. I don't want to guess how the rest are coping with it. When I'm in uni, I obviously can't blog or online and that means, hotmail is going to burst, UV is going to drop, and you people are going to leave me lots and lots of comments, daily. T.T

I think I just failed in cheating your comments. Not like any other post got many people comment also. But since I so kelian, cin cai come here and comment la, any post also can. I am internet-less leh. Has not been happening for a long long time lor. The last time I was close to not having internet connection was when I first moved in but I managed to curi also what.

I am now going to change my blog outlook, if berjaya. =P

LEAVE ME COMMENTS!!!! and get me reading with tears in my eye when I am back to online.

ps: Say until so long, never mention why got the wu~~ wu~~ sound. It's the wind la. Strong wind the entire morning till now.


weiwei said...

WHY NOT CRYING???we're gonna be in diff hostel!summore so far!!! and really die lo 6am wake up siao meh.. i 6am baru slp only hahahaahahahhaha. when must move in d? woowooo~

Mrs Chong said...

dunno sunday or so kesian till cry kua..can la..i can exercise and walk to ur hostel, then we can walk to basketball court and kap zai.. T.T

ahhha..check your surat tawaran..where you staying after suai kenal?

3POINT8 said...

hey! nice template
I love the light green background colour.
Muahahah, i might steal that colour and use it in my blog someday.

Mrs Chong said...

3point8: lol good good. I like green also. XD

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