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Saturday, June 14, 2008

One joke is bigger than another

Remember Michelle's post on the funny names singers have? To be exact, the funny name these Xing Guang Bang contestants have. I will do a sequel on it because seriously, it gets worst on the second season.
Presenting, the fourth place on the chart.
Queen Wei. Yes, just like Queen Elizabeth, just that she is not a Queen, not even close.

Queen Wei(魏如昀)

Bah, naming herself Queen reminds me of Bang Bang Tang's Wang Zi. So tak suka the name. =P

Yes, she is on the fourth place, meaning, there's worst coming up.

Third place goes to Uni Yie. Yes. UNI Yie. Who names themselves uni la? Uni Yie (葉瑋庭)

Lol, she must have had a great time in her university that she wants to have that name for the rest of her life to remind her of the good times she had. T.T Love uni also no need to name yourself uni one ma. Hey, Uni Yie. Lol, sounds like Uni YEAH!!!

The number two and number 1 can equally be placed side by side cause they too are animal lovers. No, no Fish or Cat or Pups but....

PETS!!!!I love her, she is cute but, PETS? Come on, there's so many other names, why naming yourself Pets? Pets is so salah as a name. How she come up with it? That I am still wondering.

Pets Ceng (曾沛慈)
I like her though. My favourite Xing Guang Bang singer. Lol, I like Liang Wen Yin also, =). And that Annie.

BWAHAHAHHAHA. A duck ahead. His name is QUACK!! Quack Wu (吳忠明)
Like Quack the duck. Yes, QUACK. Taiwanese singers, come, I get nicer names for you guys. Stop torturing and abusing yourselves with names like this. You get famous with names like this, IT STAYS!!! Till your cucu-cicit. Hopefully you don't continue this tragedy and name your kids and grandchildren Whoof, Meow, Roar.


Dragon said...

i like zeng pei ci so much!!!! she is the one i like the most then follow by lin yi rong, the hello kitty. hehehe.

Mrs Chong said...

u like Pets oso??hehe...she quite cute la...annie: she is a bit awkward on stage though..
never tot i will like second season since no entau ba... =P

joshuaongys said...

lolz let it be hahaha they wont change i guess with their names hahaha

Joze Foo said...

i didnt know yue wei ting name is Uni and Wu Zhong Ming name is so siao...My favourite is Mei Chen-Jane in Xing Guang season 2.... I watch Season 3 adi...

Mrs Chong said...

joshua: yea...unique taste. =S

joze: Yea, found out from the wiki. i not yet finish season 2....

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA what kind of name is PET pet pet ah hurhurhurhur

and don't get me started on QUACK!!! Woof Meow Moo.

hahahah very funny!!!

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