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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We all know I am far from slim so ya la, I always pay attention when people talk about diet. Pay attention only, never follow. That explains why.

Anyway, mum was telling me that my sis tell her in order to be slim, have to eat 3 pieces of biscuit for the entire day. Then can be slim already, like those in Myanmar (not meant to raise any preaching lesson, I know it is bad to compare with those less fortunate. I can understand that and yes, I do donate okay? Don't preach, want preach go far far.)

The conversation
Mum: Che say want slim down must only eat 3 pieces of biscuits the entire day.
Me: Siao ar? 3 pieces of biscuit.
Mum: Ya la, see those in Myanmar, got no food, all so slim.
Me: They no choice okay?
Mum: . . .

A few minutes later
Me: Bu, I want 3 pieces for biscuits.
Me: For this morning only. (just in case she thought I want to eat that for the entire day)
Mum: =.="

Like that, how to diet you tell me. And no, I don't think the method my sis teach will work. Tenkiu.


amei79 said...

hmm...she really can tahan 4 whole day with 3 pieces of biscuits only? would advice her to drink mixed fruit juice together like those undergo detox program.

Mrs Chong said...

amei79: she is not doing it herself..just ask us to do...saja wanna kacau...

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