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Monday, June 02, 2008

My pathetic stars

This rating is to show our blog's performance and my baby is doing pretty very badly lor. See, my leaderboard mia, zero star, large rectangular one star. Oi, can don't so pathetic? Show la 3 star ker. Zero star damn sad can?

Can I show this? If cannot, tolong tell me. =P Wa cepat-cepat take it down.

ps: The star will only increase if there are people clicking on it? And will the number of star affect my incoming ads? T.T I still want earn money.


Anonymous said...

mine is forever 3 star...
cant increase and i don't know how to...
your ratings pretty teroklah
hope you get betta

Falcon said...

my wan also always three star..i think they just give us standard stars...they just main

Mrs Chong said...

lalaboi: lol..pretty teruk hor????

falcon: apasal they so tak handsome, hentam me with zero star leh??? =P

Anonymous said...

standard 3 stars.. but got 1 4 stars :D
same with u

Mrs Chong said...

i got one 1 star and one zero stars kay???Sad only

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