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Saturday, June 21, 2008

People say animals are afraid of hunters,

well, THEY FREAKING LIED!!!! All the animals not even afraid of me. T.T

Yes, I am a hunter there, with a tiger on my shoulder. And no one even run away when they see me. T.T Some more smile and take picture with me. Wait, I don't look like a hunter meh?? Or I look to friendly???

I met lots of people though. And yes, it is interesting to see Kenny Sia as.....well, check it out next post. People are calling lar.... I am at the party, you are not, ne ne ne pu pu, be very jealous, be very very jealous. Kidding la. But it's really good. I'll feed you with pictures. Nice pictures la.

After tonight I'll letak jawatan la. Go study linguistic better.

ps: What the...they are talking about being hungry because butt is itchy. Hey, like that I have even more reasons to be hungry. Lol. What? I am not saying my butt is itchy all the time.

Just sometimes.


babychyu said...

hey darling. u r so creative !!!
i love it

Mrs Chong said...'s so nice to meet up with u...hopefully there are more of such parties and I can go KL and meet u guys... =) Thanks for taking pictures with me..U look gorgeous last night..

lol, hunter..

joshuaongys said...

aisehhhh you're there!!!

curryegg said...

Ahww... Actually I've been wondering are you the ping ping who I've read h your blog before.. I've forgotten your URL, that's why I dare not ask.. haha..
Glad to have photo with you!
Yeah.. the hunter.. ;D

Mrs Chong said...

joshua: ya...saw u la..but dare not call.. XD

curryegg: luckily i cannot recognize u but we still took picture together.

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