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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why being FAT sucks?

Lol, I think I got the kelayakan to write this. Up till today, many people are still very insensitive towards people of bigger size. They are often judged from the way they eat, the way they move and much more. Examples of how we are being discriminated.

Eat time
too much: See, so fat liao still eat so much, compare with the girl beside her la. No wonder size like that.
too little: Oi, diet ar? *show the silliest smile ever!! Follow with* No need la, why diet diet?

Exercise time
Brisk walking: Finally dia insaf. *run faster and surpass you*
Run: No comment. Never run before. Cannot run. XD

Buying clothes
People around will say, "Har? Too big la this one," or when they are in a gang, they go," Come, we all buy the same baju, everyone wear the same."

Take picture
Friends: Eeeee, this one I so ugly, don't want la.
Fat one: "Walao, face so big ar?" *thinking only* but dare not tell them la, all pictures also same. T.T

Lol, this one happen in ads all the time, never happened to me though.
Lift full, fat one must go out first.

You know why never happened to me before? Cause when lift full I WON'T ENTER!!! Unless I was the first to enter.

After all that, I am sure as we mature, we will be able to cope with all those. I am more able to accept my size though I am working on it, trust me, I am.

Eat time
Eat moderately. Lol, some people are so 3ku6po (sam ku lok poh-kaypo kua) one. Their mouth hor, after finish using Listerine still so busuk one. So boh pien, either you let her humiliate you in front of everyone or you don't give her a chance. Can help with dieting also, just don't go back hungry, rugi.

Exercise time
No choice, lol, who ask you cannot run? Just walk la, soon your stamina will be better one. Now I am not shy cause I cannot run, just that I hate to go botanical at times because got MONKEYs, garang ones.

Buying clothes time
I used to be so shy about it, I just diam diam when people mention these. They don't do it anymore. We are all grown up!!! But if they mention, I'll go, "Count me out. You think got my size meh?" or "Walao, ngam ngam ho. =P"

Take picture
Master this at home. Try 1001 pose to hide your fat face like.....STAND BEHIND. Works best. Lol, get to hide your body. So people, although I am short, please let me stand behind. Kam xia. Sekali tell them why. Easier to convince them.


curryegg said...

PIng ping...
I personally feel that FAT is not sucks at all!
They are just like us and why we want to humiliate them?
As for me, I prefer a healthy body and wise mind rather than just tall, slim figure but immoral and rude.

Somehow, I think confidence is the key to be who we are...

Samuel said...

i think is better to say chubby here.. chubby people is okay.. in my opinion somehow there are some people looks better when they are chubby :D

Jeffro said...

wah.. say lidat meh?? to those who consider yourself FAT, don't be so "chi pei".. physically you might be bigger size than us, but from what I see, you guys also have a bigger heart than most of us..

it's true that maybe some of you have been discriminated, and that's the reason why you guys are stronger than those who discriminate.. you guys/gals know what it feels like, you're more sensitive and you know what people would feel being in that situation..

Don't put yourself down.. however, if you feel that you wanna be smaller in size.. well i guess you can go ahead provided you do it in the right manner.. but don't let anything shrink your self confidence.. like curryegg said.. Self Confidence is the key to be who you are.. i would add: it's also the key to success..

ps: aiyo.. taking picture does not make anyone look ugly.. wanna take the best picture? it doesn't have to be a hot dude or chick.. all it takes is the warmest smile from the heart.. SMILE YOUR HEART OUT.. and I would say, that makes the best picture!

***sorry for the long comment.. couldnt help myself***

amei79 said...

some so called "fat guy" "fat girl" are good looking too, so charming, just c how they dressed or how confidence are they...

Mrs Chong said...

curryegg: Yupz..learnt that through time. Of course we cannot expect those who are just in their early teens to understand but sooner or later,as you mature, you learn to accept yourself and be more confident. I think I changed through time as well. =P

Samuel: Ok. Chubby. Ya la, and because their friends say they fat, end up, all aneroxic.

jeffro: it's ok, at least you are sincere in commenting. =) It's true that bigger size people are more sensitive la. Probably cause there's not much about themselves that they pay more attention to so they can sense unhappiness and stuff of those around them. Not saying slim pretty people are not sensitive. Just that...I don't know.

amei79: spot on. though most people would love to look at the slim ones more. =P

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