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Monday, June 16, 2008

Driving is manual car is not easy

But trying to park a car with dead (or so we thought) engine manually is even harder.

Was at Tesco the other day, waiting for place to park. The crowd was insane la. So many people okay?

In the beginning,
Me: Hopefully got car fast fast want go out la.
Che: We wait here la *pull up the car*
Pao: Walao, so pack, siao one.
Me: Turn off the engine la. Waste petrol nia.

Minutes later,
Che: Eh car cannot start lar.
Me: Mang siao, why suddenly cannot start?
Pao: Try properly la. Really cannot meh?
Che: Really cannot, battery die already.
Me: Where can suddenly die one? Tolong don't got car want to go out lor *lol, so contradicting*

Suey-suey, whenever you want something, it doesn't happen, and when you wish it won't, it will. Don't tell me you never experience this. Out of nowhere *ok la, out of Tesco la* came 2 cars, wanting to leave. Die lor.

Ended up, eldest sis and I, in our skirts, and slightly high heels, pushing the car into a parking lot. And you ask a manual driver, lagilah teruk. So basically we had to push from the back, and then run to the front, push the car ala reverse, and then run to the back and push the car to go in the parking lot.

We did great though. =) Car was okay after shopping. Yes, we went into the supermarket. What you want us to do? Stare at the car? Siao.


RealGunners said...

am just blog hopping

ahahahaha kesian u.. but u dem smart oso la, know how to push into parking lot.. instead of crying by the roadside =D

Mrs Chong said...

realgunners: Had to many ppl staring at us. So embarassing la. Luckily can push in.

But first time in my life la manually push a car, run front and back. XD

amei79 said...

why off the engine while waiting the parking space? Even the engine is started, with car not moving, shoulnt waste any petrol eh?

Mrs Chong said...

amei79: i think got waste kut. Like traffic jam time, oso waste petrol ma..we thought it was impossible to get parking space any time soon with the cars everywhere..

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