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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday I complain about muscle aches,

now I am walking like a duck. -.- I go evening walk yesterday. Add to the muscle pain and now, bah, can't even walk properly. T.T Tonight going to evening walk again. Anyway, damn teruk one lor the people there. I walk one round, they run 4 rounds. In one round meet them 4 times. T.T People already walk like a duck, they some more zoom past.

But at least they are better. They don't shower you with their sweat. -.- AND I HATE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

why hate me? hahaha..

Mrs Chong said... la..the monkeys in the botanical garden..very garang ones..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

First time visit your blog... Got to know your blog through Dragon blog...

Mrs Chong said...

somewhere in singapore: hie..welcome..hope you can find something interesting in this blog. =)

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