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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bwahahahaha..All guys are full of shit

Bwahahahaha. Sorry har? Most guys are full of shit. Somehow there's one or two somewhere hiding la. And then again, some guys don't appear full of shit cause they are not ours, that I agree with 5xMom. Read her answer to my question here. It was a random question okay?Anyway, wait till they are yours and you'll go,

"Aiyer, he damn flirty kay? Apa perempuan also flirt."
"Walao, he damn pervert kay? Look at girls with the eyes almost falling out."
" He very selfish one la. He can talk to other girls, I cannot talk to other guys."
"He very control kay? He don't want talk to girls then he don't let me befriend guys."
" He very easy jealous one. A bit a bit his face black liao."
" He don't let me mix with my friends one." (This one really siao)
" He damn sticky la. Like bar leh ko."
" He don't care about me one. He got too many girls around him to care about me./ He always play game nia"

Jop, this is getting a bit too er...negative for girls. But then yes, that's what I always always hear from my friends. However, if he is just a friend, he can be real nice cause you are not his and he is not yours. Is it like they feel they own you already they can do whatever they like?

Anyway, Lasker, the boss from ShoutOut yang I tengah giat berchatting doesn't seem to be that kind of guy. And he protest that he is not. So how? Lu orang agree with him? Got la, as I've said, somewhere out there got la one or two. Just that yours truly never met a good one yet. If I met one with above attitude, I also don't know what to do la, but tolong, no Chinaman la. Wa beh tahan.

I am not looking for one. So, it's okay. I mean I am not looking for a boyfriend, not not looking for a Chinaman. I will never look for a Chinaman okay? Psst, I love Wallace from Placebo Cure- 10.45 p.m. NTV7 show. He a bit kayu also. But he not Chinaman and he is freaking sweet on the show. I tak suka Kevin Cheng. Flower heart. Guys like Wallace (Sunny Chan) still exist ar?

Nah Sunny Chan.

Chinaman means very possessive and mulut perempuan. =P My term.

ps: Girls, if you met a good guy, please, appreciate. You damn lucky la. Harder than kena Toto okay? And I agree tolerance is very important in a relationship but also two sided one la. If the above attitude continue, what shit of tolerance also cannot tahan. =) Sekarang boleh tembak. *wa takut*


Falcon said...

i agree there are a lot of crappy guys out there...but they are good ones..but they are usually very reserved and shy..

but be careful of meeting guys online..its easy to fake and cheat others...just a reminder...

hop you kena your TOTO

hiongkongkiok said...

Full of shit and gas la, ping ping. This guy fren just told me he is in love with anadder girl while still in a relationship of 3 yrs. Tiau the new gf oredi then say maybe it wasn't love. Tiau oredi onli realised. Wtf..i pity the 2 girls. Sigh..

Mrs Chong said...

Falcon: yea come ar???Like that susah la want to find good guys.

HiongKongKiok: I have a friend, who has a gf but tell me he dun think he loves his gf and was asking me to intro new one to him. But he say wait he got new one d, ok d only dump the gf. Walao, no replacement dowan let go. Stopped talking to him right after that. Siao one.

Your Humble Servant said...

I feel I am full of ~!@#$ too... even though I don't have GF....

reddaisie said...

eh..from your definition of china "notti notti hernie" is a chinaman kah???

Pam Song said...

Hmmm. I'm not into chinamen either. Their thinking like a bit "off" compared to those who are a bit more "angmor-fied" lah. Makes talking about the future and looking towards the future a bit tough.

But maybe that's just me.

Mrs Chong said...

your humble servant: ar...hehehe..I no say, u say one..

paopao: Where got?? I where got say??? =P Ok la, a bit.

pamsong: I oso dun like!!!!! They very aunty one...some more very kolot one...dun sis,paopao, likes.

Hwei Ming said...

wah... so bad.. I feel like shit now.. Teehee....

Representing the guy of the world.."owh...sorry?"

.:JoY:. said...

Ah, so true so true.

Can't live with them, can't live without them. Lol.

But there are always guys who aren't like that. Like you said... kena Toto la. Lol.

Mrs Chong said...

hwei ming: Wa tarak point at you and say that har? =P

joy: Easier than kena Toto okay? =P Ya la, susah hor? Tak mau later we ended up like some weird spinster, mau, takut dia another pile of shit.

s.kuan said...

the thing is hor, gals are always attracted to crappy guys LOL. what to do...

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